Wellbeing 2.0

Now more than ever before, many of us are considering our wellbeing and physical fitness in a way that finally transcends aesthetics. I’ve harped on about this before; but it’s a point worth repeating again and again and again…

I’ve been a wellbeing enthusiast for well over 25yrs now and have gone through many stages with my own health & fitness according to the seasons of life; but one thing I’ve always maintained is the fundamental belief that what you do with your body and what you put in it and on it are key elements to maintaining personal vitality, even if I’ve fallen off from my own advice on more than one occasion. The difficult part therefore and perhaps the most important aspect to maintain – is balance!

If you only ever associated wellbeing/fitness with the way you look, chances are you fell off the training bandwagon too many times to mention. It’s also worth strongly pointing out that ‘looking’ in shape and being ‘healthy’ are two entirely different things. For instance, a fitness model may look incredible, but what they had to do to prepare for a photo shoot isn’t advisable, shredding for instance involves severely dehydrating the body in order to show muscle definition, a body builder may have injected steroids to increase their muscle mass and the pursuit of thinness can border on near starvation – non of these examples are in any way considered healthy!

A functional body with a strong immune system is something to strive for far more than just the way it looks. This state of being involves a range of elements that all need to be in sync and whilst maintaining physical fitness is certainly part of that, the body also relies on having had enough sleep, a balanced nutritious diet and maintaining manageable stress levels to be truly strong, both internally and externally and if ever there was a time and opportunity to educate yourself on these matters, it’s now!

This article has been published in the May edition of Life Magazines – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk