Pilates for stress relief

Pilates has many physical benefits that are widely reported and scientifically proven. Professionals such as Doctors, physiotherapists and osteopaths, all support and recommend Pilates to their patients and clients; for a whole plethora of physical issues.
A lesser talked about benefit of Pilates is the mental side of it, and in this day and age it can’t be promoted enough, to develop ways of protecting or mental health and finding ways to relieve stress.

Often we associate finding stress relief with other wellbeing services such as massage, or more spiritually based practices such as yoga and meditation; but Pilates offers stress relief in much the same way that crafting or playing an instrument might have.The mind is taken away for the time of your practice and in as little time as an hour, respite from your daily demands and a sense of calm can be achieved.

Traditional Pilates does not involve meditation, chanting or specific relaxation techniques, (however some hybrid classes may incorporate these practices), Pilates is very much about a focus on the body, the breath and the technique of the movements and by engaging the mind in this way your brain is relieved from thinking about other stresses for a time and this has been proven to aid mental wellbeing.

The other aspect that helps create stress relief or a sense of calmness, is through the breath. The breathing technique in Pilates is known as ‘Lateral breathing’ or ‘Thoracic breathing’. It is a lengthened, full breath, that fills the lungs to their maximum capacity and since many of us deplete our system by ‘shallow breathing’, this is super beneficial to our bodies.
These deep, full breaths fill our lungs with extra oxygen and the cells then distribute it throughout the body, making every muscle and organ more functional, which is hugely rejuvenating.

So in times like these, it may well be worth adding Pilates to assist your mental wellbeing not just your physical.

This article has been published in the April edition of Life Magazines – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk