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Hi, I’m Kirsty Green, owner of Promise Pilates.

I'm passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.

I have been a level 3 qualified Personal Trainer and Sports Massage Therapist since 2001. With a wealth of experience working in top name health clubs, on community projects and alongside pro and semi pro football clubs. I've also worked with a variety of pro, semi pro and amateur individual athletes, including Boxers, Martial Artists, MMA fighters, Footballers, Basketball players, Tri-Athletes, Cyclists and Runners and of course the very many clients I have treated and trained who are not sports persons or athletes but those who feel they would greatly benefit from Personal Fitness Coaching or Sports Massage Therapy.

I decided to diversify my career and in 2015 became a qualified level 3 mat based Pilates Teacher and level 3 GP Exercise Referral Coach. Since then I have been developing my classes to offer a thorough teaching experience of the classical Pilates repertoire. Each person in class has very different fitness goals, wellbeing needs and considerations, so my approach as a teacher is to accommodate each and every one of them.

Having experienced chronic sports injury myself, I have experiential perspective on the issues facing rehabilitation. I’ve seen and experienced, in myself and others, how things can be turned around, results can be achieved and it's made that much quicker and easier when you have professional help and guidance, especially when learning the complexities of Pilates.

Office Hours: 8am - 8pm Monday - Friday


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    *Pilates Teacher Level 3
    - Mat-Based Pilates Instructor
    - Planning, Programming & Teaching Pilates
    - History of Pilates
    - Principles & Fundamentals of Pilates
    - Progressive Pilates Programming
    - Using Equipment in Pilates

    *GP Exercise Referral Level 3
    - For clients with specific controlled conditions - including:-
    - Cardiac conditions
    - Respiratory conditions
    - Endocrine conditions
    - Skeletal conditions
    - Mental health conditions

    *Personal Trainer Level 3 - Including
    - Advanced Fitness Instructor
    - Circuits
    - Fitness Assessment & Health Appraisal
    - Optimum & Sports Nutrition
    - Exercise for special population inc Older Adults & Ante/Post natal
    - Career & Business Studies
    - Emergency First Aid

    *Sports Massage Therapy Level 3 - including
    - Body massage
    - Sports massage
    - Rehabilitation & Ultra sound techniques

    *Nutrition for physical activity Level 3 - including
    - Nutrition and Health
    - Weight management
    - Nutrition for exercise & sport

    *Gym Instructor Level 2
    - Anatomy & Physiology
    - Health assessment techniques
    - Exercise programme design