Pilates Classes

“The promise of change through Pilates”


Promise Pilates are mat based workouts for mixed abilities.

Whether you are a beginner or at a progressive stage with your Pilates, you are most welcome!

The classes have a limited number of participants, this ensures a good level of attention for each person and the opportunity for corrections to be made to maximise your Pilates experience.

Because of the limited spaces available, you will need to book in advance of the classes and pre-payment made.

Before commencing Promise Pilates classes, you will need to fill out a health questionnaire (Par-Q), this can be done upon arrival of the class but it is advisable to take some time over filling this out, so a downloadable version is available here for you to print off, fill out and bring with you to your first class.

Download PAR.Q Form »

A free 30 minute consultation is available via Zoom, to go though the Par-Q before joining an online class.


*Class schedule may alter on bank holidays.

Pure Pilates

Promise Pilates ‘Pure’ classes are 55 minutes of classical mat based workouts that focus on developing core strength, flexibility and strengthening of the stabiliser muscles. The exercises are inspired by the original Pilates method, broken down into individual sets, allowing the participant to fully engage and understand the movements and master the techniques.
A mindful approach to the practice is advised to get the most from the session, with a backdrop of calming ambient music helping the participant to focus on their body and coordination of the movements being performed. Different versions and levels of each exercise will be demonstrated for you to chose from and alternative options can be prescribed to individuals with specific needs.

Monday: 10.00am
Village Hall, Farnsfield
(Currently Online Via Zoom)

Monday: 6:00pm
Online Via Zoom

Thursday: 10.00am
Trebeck Hall, Southwell
(Currently Online Via Zoom)

Thursday: 7.00pm
Online Via Zoom

Pilates Barre

Pilates Barre is a low impact session, yet higher intensity than Pure Pilates. It is a full body workout, at an intermediate – progressive level.
Emphasis is on toning the smaller stabiliser muscles of the legs, hips & buttocks, core and upper body with minimal equipment.
Taking inspiration from Pilates, Ballet and bodyweight exercises for an all over toning & deep stretch workout.
This class is a good option if you want to train hard, yet find Fusion Flow or Body Boom too intense or contra-indicatory to your injury management or fitness level.
The session is instructor lead, meaning it is not a teaching session like the specialist discipline of the Pure Pilates classes.

£6 single session / £5 for block booking 4 or more sessions per month.

Fusion Flow

Fusion Flow is a 55 minute low impact, yet intensive toning workout for progressive Pilates participants. The class is designed to challenge flexibility, strength & stability with a fusion of mat based Pilates, body weight exercises, use of small resistance apparatus and dynamic Pilates flow movement. Inspired by and combining elements of classical Pilates, Ballet Barrè, LBT, HIIT & Circuit training. *Class not suitable for beginners or those with contraindications.

Tuesday: 6:30pm
Online via Zoom


Farnsfield Village Hall,
New Hill,
NG22 8JN

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Trebeck Hall,
Bishops Drive,
NG25 0JP

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A number of Promise Pilates classes are streamed live online via Zoom. Please see timetable details. To book either a class in person or online contact Kirsty on 07791010426 or email info@promisepilates.co.uk


To book a class with Promise Pilates please contact Kirsty by email or phone.


STANDARD PAYMENT: *In-Hall £8.50 per session / *Online £8 per session.
CLASS SUBSCRIPTION: *In-Hall £28 per month / *Online £26 per month

Bookings must be paid for in full, in advance of the class to secure a place.
For full payment details click the link below.

Payment Options » Client Agreement Form »


If you feel you would benefit from a more personalised Pilates regime then private sessions are available.
These are a very good idea if you have special medical conditions or certain physical issues that would not suit your joining a class.
You can work at your own pace and have 100% attention, ensuring you get every move right and therefore the most benefit from each exercise.

If you are able to join one of the classes it is still a great idea to have a one off private Pilates session before joining, especially if you have never done Pilates before, that way you have an understanding of the basic principles of Pilates in order to get the most out of your classes once you join one and less likely to feel overwhelmed or confused during the sessions.

Private 1-2-1 and small group sessions are held at your home or an arranged venue.

*Prices upon enquiry and are variable when venue hire is included.


The most basic equipment you will need for a Promise Pilates class is a Pilates mat, small towel and a drink of water. Wear comfortable clothing that is not bulky, leggings and a top that won’t ‘ride up’ are ideal. Layers are best too, as your temperature may fluctuate. Your clothing needs to have enough stretch in it to move without restriction, so for men wearing trousers or shorts check they have elastane in them. Pilates can be done with bare feet or wearing specific Pilates socks, which have tacky soles to create extra grip.

Other equipment used are – blocks, straps, bands, weighted & non weighted balls, Pilates ring, small dumbbells and padding.

Equipment can be purchased through Promise Pilates.

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