Pilates Classes

“The promise of change through Pilates”


Promise Pilates Classes are mat based workouts for mixed abilities.

Whether you are a beginner or at a progressive level with your Pilates, you are most welcome!

The classes have a limited number of participants, this is to ensure I am able to give a good level of attention to each person and the opportunity for corrections to be made to maximise your Pilates experience.

Before commencing Promise Pilates classes, you will need to fill out a health questionnaire (Par-Q), this can be done upon arrival of the class but it is advisable to take some time over filling this out, so a downloadable version is available here for you to print off, fill out and bring with you to your first class.

Download PAR.Q Form »


*Class schedule may alter on bank holidays.

Pure Pilates

Promise Pilates ‘Pure’ classes are 55 minutes of contemporary mat based workouts that focus on developing core strength, flexibility and strengthening of the stabiliser muscles. The exercises are inspired by the original Pilates method, broken down into individual sets, allowing the participant to fully engage and understand the movements and master the techniques.
A mindful approach to the practice is advised to get the most from the session, with a backdrop of calming ambient music helping the participant to focus on their body and coordination of the movements being performed. Different versions and levels of each exercise will be demonstrated for you to chose from and alternative options can be prescribed to individuals with specific needs.

Level: Beginners to intermediate.

Monday: 10:00am
Village Centre, Farnsfield

Wednesday: 10:00am
Trebeck Hall, Southwell

Wednesday: 7:00pm
Methodist Church, Farnsfield

Pure Pilates *plus

Pure Pilates *plus is a 55 minute class which bridges the gap between the Pure Pilates and Pilates Flow classes. Following the same format as the Pure Pilates session, yet with a sprinkling of more progressive options. This class provides a space for practitioners already familiar with progressions to freely express those movements, while those looking for a challenge yet not quite ready for Pilates Flow, it’s a chance to familiarise & experiment with movements seen in the Pilates Flow session, either in preparation to transition over or just for more variety in their sessions.

Level: Intermediate to progressive.

Monday: 7:00pm
Trebeck Hall, Southwell

Pilates Flow

Pilates Flow is a 55 minute class focused on learning and going through the full classical sequence of 34 exercises that Joseph Pilates designed, performed in their original order. Modifications & alternatives are given, yet this class is quite a challenge, therefore prior Pilates experience is required and a good level of physical fitness.

Level: Intermediate – Advanced.

Tuesday: 7:00pm
Trebeck Hall, Southwell

Back Care Pilates

Back Care Pilates is a gentle 55 minute contemporary Pilates class, aimed specifically towards those managing back issues such as non specific low back pain, spinal injuries, post natal recovery, other injuries & also good for beginners of Pilates.

There is plenty of guidance on how to strengthen the core and improve posture, with work on flexibility, as we lengthen, align, strengthen and stretch the spine & limbs.

Level: Beginners & specialist.

Thursday: 10:00am
Scout Hut, Southwell

Back Care Pilates *plus

This class provides the same gentle approach and mindfulness of the Back Care Pilates, yet with added progressions for those practitioners ready for more challenge.

Tuesday: 10:00am
Scout Hut, Southwell


Village Centre,
New Hill,
NG22 8JN

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Farnsfield Methodist Church,
4 Chapel Lane,
NG22 8JN

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The Scout Hut
Bishop’s Drive
NG25 0GD

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Trebeck Hall
Bishop’s Drive
NG25 0JP

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To book a class with Promise Pilates please contact Kirsty by email, text or phone.


*Per Person
*£9.50 per class
*£8.50 per class – discount for block booking 4 x or more classes within a calendar month
*£28 per month – for a fixed monthly subscription to one particular class within a calendar month ( (+ Additional classes charged at £7.50)

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The most basic equipment you will need for a Promise Pilates class is a Pilates mat, small towel and a drink of water. Wear comfortable clothing that is not bulky, such as leggings and a slim fitting top that won’t ‘ride up’ during movement. Layers are best too, as your temperature may fluctuate. Your clothing needs to have enough stretch in it to move without restriction, so make sure trousers &/or shorts have elastane in them. Pilates is done with bare feet, or if you prefer to wear socks make sure they are specific for Pilates and have tacky soles to create grip.

Other equipment used in class are a – Pilates block, strap, band & ball. Small hand or ankle weights can be incorporated and extra padding is down to personal preference. Each participant will need their own equipment kit to fully engage with the classes, so a small investment is worth making.

Basic packs and individual equipment items are available for purchase through Promise Pilates. See full equipment price list by clicking the link below

Equipment Price List »