Cardio Health: Keep it Up by going Low

Physical fitness has several components, including muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, body composition and cardiovascular endurance. The latter two in this list have had a lot of publicity during recent times and you may have been wondering how to improve your own cardiovascular status and body fat ratio?!

It may be that you’ve tried to go out running, joined an online HIIT class, or even got involved with the kids 9am P.E. session, only to find however, all the jumping and high impact activity overwhelming for your current fitness level, or you may have conditions that simply don’t do well with high impact activity. Also some of us will be recovering from post viral fatigue issues and other illnesses, so a gentler alternative is needed that still works towards the same goals – and that could be LISS!

LISS stands for Low Intensity Steady State cardio and as the name describes, it is a low intensity cardiovascular activity, performed over a prolonged period of time (30-90 minutes), at a constant pace or state.
The activity itself could be anything that can be maintained in this manner, such as swimming, cycling, rowing, or using cardio equipment like an elliptical trainer or spin bike, but since the majority of us don’t have private swimming pools or home gyms, the easiest method right now is walking or hiking and what most of us will have easy access to.

You will still need to raise your heart rate enough to feel slightly breathless and warm, so a meandering stroll or stop/start walks with a curious dog won’t quite cut it. In order to fully gain from the fat burning and cardiovascular benefits of LISS training, you’ll need to be able to maintain the pace consistently for the the amount of time you’ve set yourself.
It’s also an opportunity to walk out in nature, in better air quality, which is proven to boost cardiovascular wellbeing.

This article has been published in the June edition of Life Magazines –