Beyond the gym

Gyms are great, I love them but they’re not the only place you can work out. Don’t limit yourself to thinking that in order to lose weight, tone up, or get fit, you must have a gym membership. There are all sorts of other ways to achieve your wellbeing goals. It’s really important to choose activities that you enjoy, if you don’t you’ll burn out quickly and quit leaving you feeling frustrated and defeated. This doesn’t have to be the case.

The great outdoors is an obvious choice, if you prefer the idea of a run or bike ride through a local park as opposed to pounding the treadmill or going nowhere fast on the spin bikes then get yourself out there. It’s great as long as you’re not a fair weather jogger, if you only like being outside in the summer or when the weather is good, it won’t last long, you’ll soon give in to the elements and stop going. To make outdoor activities a success come wind, rain or shine, you just need the right kit – hats, gloves, wind cheaters, waterproofs, high visibility accessories and layers!

If you’re not a lone wolf and need a bit of comradery, you might consider a team sport or club. Running clubs, walking groups, football, tennis, hockey, rowing, you name it there’s one out there you’ve just got to look for it. Being with other people goes a long way to keeping up motivation and staying committed. Outdoor kit and attitude will still apply!
If the idea of being cold and wet fills you with dread better consider activities done indoors. There’s still plenty to consider beyond the gym, such as a form of dance, boxing clubs, village hall fitness classes, gymnastics, martial arts like Capoeira, Judo or Karate, trampolining, home workouts with a PT or using DVD’s, the list goes on so at the risk of this article turning into just that, I’ll leave it up to your imaginations to come up with more and to encourage you to go out (or in) and try something new, it could change your life not just your body.

– This Article has been published in the February edition of Life Magazine –