If you’ve got an instagram account or ever browsed through other social media sites like twitter or Facebook you’ll no doubt have come across #hashtag slogans such as #fitnessgoals or #summerbody, etc, etc.

These punchy little sayings and their cute motivational intentions usually go along with images of awesomely toned abs or pert derrieres, which is all good but seldom can one achieve those #dreambodies without #hardwork. These things also takes time to achieve, so forward planning is essential or it just becomes a #pipedream!

Realistic time frames for healthy fitness gains or weight loss goals are needed right from the get go. Forget quick fixes if you’re serious about your plans. Set out a period of time and then factor in life.
Unless you’re a professional athlete, Hollywood actor or Victoria secret model you’re unlikely to have the luxury of spending all your time and energy living in the gym. Plus it’s not common to have your own personal chef providing perfect nutritious meals, while you train for your next competition, movie or fashion show.

Now I’m not saying the rest of us can’t look as good as these iconic images that we enthusiastically collect on our ‘Pinterest’ account, anything that creates positive motivation is great, especially if it inspires you to change or develop your health and wellbeing but for the majority of us life happens in a far less glamorous way, so we have to factor in what might hinder our goals along the way with all the usual temptations and setbacks such as busy work schedules, family life, parties and special occasions , illness or injury, lack of sleep or that general apathy that can hit anyone of us at any time. It’s never plain sailing and usually a challenge on top of our challenge occurs.

So since we don’t all have our own entourage organising our lives may I suggest employing patience and perseverance in achieving your #bodygoals and as an old Ghanaian proverb says -#sofltysoftlycatcheemonkey!

– This Article has been published in the March edition of Life Magazine – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk