Dial M for Motivation

Ah January!

The month, according to statistics, we are supposed to be feeling the bleakest in spirit along with the weather but I say don’t listen to that negative talk, bring it on – wipe the slate clean from 2016 and see in the New Year refreshed and ready with new ideas to pursue.

If however, you lack that sort of enthusiasm and can’t quite muster the motivation to get going, particularly where your new exercise plan is concerned, you may well benefit from enlisting the help of a Personal Trainer.

No longer just for the rich and famous, personal training is very accessible these days and in a variety of ways to suit you.

Most big brand health clubs will have their own in-house personal training team, along with state of the art equipment and up to the minute trends, great if you love hi-tech.

Some PT’s set up private Studios. Often Trainers who specialise in certain aspects of fitness, such as distance running or strength training, providing excellent knowledge in their chosen field.

There are PT’s who will visit you at your home or work place. It’s a very convenient way of training if you have a super busy schedule. Great also for anyone who is especially shy about training in a public sphere.
Finally due to the incredible advances in technology, trainers and clients can now access each other remotely, opening up all sorts of possibilities.

There’s lots to choose from but bear in mind that all PT’s are not equal, check your Personal Trainer is fully qualified – must be level 3 or above. It’s also a good idea to check they are registered and insured as a fitness professional with organisations such as REPS, a decent trainer will gladly offer that information. So if you need a push in the right direction and someone to be accountable to, a good Trainer will definitely exceed your expectations and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them!

– This Article has been published in the January edition of Life Magazine – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk