Time for a soft reboot

The beginning of the year always seems like a good time to start a new health & fitness regimen and maybe you are one for making big declarations of change, perhaps reeling off your new year resolutions to friends & family with much enthusiasm, only by January 4th you’ve already fallen off the healthy eating/new fitness routine/dry January bandwagon!


Well you haven’t ruined it, there’s no need to pack it all in and wait till January 1st 2024 – Just do a soft reboot! A figurative reboot that is of course! Take for example when you have something go wrong with a piece of tech, the first thing many of us will do or the advice given from the technical support team you may have called, will be to suggest turning it off and back on again!


How does this analogy work here then? – well lets suppose you’ve done the ‘hard reboot’ already, which we’ll say is the intention, planning and preparing for it; maybe you joined a gym or bought a new pair of running shoes or stocked up the grocery cupboard with lots of fresh fruit & veg, only to find yourself snacking on left over Christmas junk food or the running shoes are still in their box and you haven’t even seen the inside of your new gym yet!


So – take a deep breath and write off the wrong-doings or the no-doings and restart again tomorrow, whether it’s Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, it doesn’t matter what day of the week it is or what date it is, you can always, always, start again and keep starting again until one day you realise you actually are in a routine of making good food choices or you actually are exercising three times a week or you only drink on the weekends now – whatever your target or wellbeing aspiration is, getting there doesn’t have to be a perfect route. Maintain your intention and eventually things will slot into place.


– This article has been published in the January edition of Life Magazines – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk