Free Fitness

There are many, many ways to exercise your body, yet if you are specifically looking for options that have little to no cost, here are a few suggestions.


One of the easiest options for most of us is to simply go outside for a walk, and whether the area is urban or rural, taking a walk is ‘usually’ absolutely free!

It could be around the local area where you live, or whilst you are away on holidays or on a business trip. Just getting out for 30 minutes or more for a brisk walk, will get the heart pumping and your limbs moving. You can also change up the way you walk in terms of speed & tempo, or gradient, such as uphill, or terrain, choosing surfaces which create resistance like walking across a muddy field or along sand. You can apply these training principles to outdoor running & cycling too, simply changing up your speed, gradients and terrain all challenges the body to work harder, even if it’s just for short periods of time (known as interval training).


If you struggle with motivation, try enlisting a training buddy – a like minded friend or colleague who is on a similar mission will help the time pass, keep you company and increase commitment. If you don’t have any one person available, join a whole group and make new friends in the process, such as organised Park Run’s, which are completely free, you just have to register to take part.


If you prefer to exercise in the privacy of your own home, you’ve immediately saved on vehicle fuel since you don’t need to drive anywhere, there are no memberships to pay and you don’t even need to buy any equipment if you want to be really frugal – as you can use your own body weight or things around the home as resistance. Dancing, weight training, aerobics, Pilates etc, etc, are all things you can do at home. If you’re in need of ideas and inspiration – try the world wide web!


– This article has been published in the February edition of Life Magazines –