There’s no such thing as bad weather…

..only unsuitable clothing! (Alfred Wainwright 1907-1991)

The above statement is so true when it comes to Autumn and winter fitness activities.
Personally, I’m definitely guilty of not wanting to go outside at times just because the weather is unappealing but with so many technical advances in sports wear textiles, there’s no real excuse not to brave the elements, as long as you’re suited up!

As we transitioned from a wonderfully prolonged Indian summer this year, into the epically wet end to September and most of October, I began to consider my own lack of appropriate outdoor fitness clothing; Determined not to go into total hibernation this winter and to prevent myself from crying off my morning runs when it’s either cold, windy or wet, it was time to get tech savvy.

Technical differences in active wear aren’t all sales gimmicks, though it can be overwhelming when considering between water resistant, water repellant or waterproof attire, but some features really do make a difference to both how you feel during your activity, as in regulating your temperature, drawing away sweat and keeping you dry from rain, to performance during and how you feel at the end of it, not many of us enjoy being sopping wet and cold!

Whether it’s an outdoor sport, run or just a walk – layers are a must, thin lightweight with plenty of movability are best. For many years now synthetic fabrics have been used for active wear, but a resurgence of natural luxury fibres such as merino wool, cashmere and silk for under layers are becoming increasingly popular for warmth and natural breathability.
Hats, headbands and gloves are essential for protecting the extremities. Even when your torso is hot and sweaty, foreheads and fingers can still feel brutally cold. Consider too reflective fabrics & trims even in daylight hours, as foggy winter mornings can still be treacherous.

Overall if it helps keep you fit and healthy, surely it’s worth the investment?!

– This article has been published in the November edition of Life Magazines –