Yo Yo is a No No !

Weight gain and the subsequent issue of trying to lose it is a real struggle.
Especially as we get older. Our metabolism slows down and the pounds get harder to shift. Poor diets and sedentary lifestyles are typical reasons for many adults dealing with being overweight. This is when people often turn to extreme diet plans or join fad weight loss groups in an attempt to beat the bulge but these supposed solutions can actually exacerbate the problem long term, not to mention all the other health issues that can occur.

Even from as early as 30 years old, our muscle mass and strength begins to reduce, this is called sarcopenia, sounds scary doesn’t it and in a way it is because if adequate exercise isn’t undertaken to counter it, the ratio between lean muscle tissue and fat alters and contributes to an ever decreasing metabolism. So obviously we need to exercise but what I’m focusing on here is our need for a healthy, wholefood, balanced diet and to resist the quick fix!

If ANY food group is reduced you will lose weight simply because you’ve reduced your calorie intake but you need to make sure you’re loosing subcutaneous and visceral fat, not – muscle tissue, bone density & water retention, which is often the case with extreme diets. This is where the problem starts. It looks impressive on the scales & you may drop a few dress sizes but as soon as you eat ‘normally’ again the weight flys back on, sadly with an extra helping on top! Why?
Because you’ve wasted away the muscle that keeps your metabolism revved up, that burns calories even while you sleep, take that away and you have less calorie burning potential, you’ve weakened your bones and set yourself up for a psychological reliance to the diet you thought ‘worked’ and so you go back to it and the cycle perpetuates. So please say no no to the yo yo!

– This Article has been published in the September edition of Life Magazine – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk