Summer workout tips

The summer is a great time to take your workouts outdoors. The fresh air and sunshine is so revitalising, yet there are a few things to keep in mind when exercising during mid summer, when the heat can be at its most intense.

Wear sunscreen: When out running, playing sports, cycling or swimming, it’s sometimes difficult to notice just how strong the UV rays really are, especially when there’s a lovely summer breeze. Don’t get caught out and end up with painful and potentially dangerous sunburn, so wear sunscreen on exposed skin which is waterproof or specific for sport, so that it won’t slide off as you sweat or get wet in an outdoor pool or the sea.

Stay hydrated: To prevent dehydration it’s important to drink plenty of water prior to your workout, as well as continually sipping throughout your session. Sometimes we don’t realise how much we are perspiring and how easily we can become dehydrated. Don’t forget that preventing dehydration includes topping up on lost electrolytes too, by snacking on mineral rich foods such as bananas or nut butters or drinking isotonic sports beverages.

Correct clothing: The right apparel goes a long way in making sure an outdoor workout is successful. Wear lightweight clothing with mesh panels in breathable, sweet wicking fabrics. Wearing a hat or cap with a rim or peak will help protect against sunstroke and shade the eyes if wearing sunglasses isn’t possible.

Time of Day: Be sure to check the daily weather forecast and choose the right time of day for your workout, preferably when the temperature is coolest, either first thing in the morning or later in the evening, avoiding the midday heat.

If it all gets just too hot ’n sticky out there and you’d prefer to stay out of the sun, then head to the gym and enjoy a temperature controlled air conditioned environment or invest in a powerful electric pedestal fan for at home zoom sessions.

– This article has been published in the July edition of Life Magazines –