Resurrection of a dumbbell

Hands up all those who’ve got at least one piece of fitness equipment collecting dust in their garage/shed/spare room?

Most of us have, then, one day we pack it all up and head to the car boot sale or stick it on ebay.
With all our good intentions, the year we are finally going to get fit and healthy, we go out and buy brightly coloured fancy equipment, or we get seduced watching an infomercial and order that ‘life changing’ apparatus, or maybe you received a gift that never even got unpacked. Sadly these items eventually find themselves rejected in the cupboard under the stairs.

Truth is there are a lot of fitness gimmicks and passing trends out there, they have a flash in the pan of popularity but then the novelty wears off and they disappear.

There are some things, however, that will always be relevant to effective workouts and one of them is the faithful old dumbbell. ‘Weights’ don’t tend to go out of ‘fitness fashion’ and usually are made from materials that don’t rot or disintegrate and unlike mechanical or electrical fitness equipment, they don’t need servicing, all you have to do is dust them down and off you go again.

The main reason dumbbells end up as door stops though is people just not knowing how to use them properly or effectively.

Enlisting the help of a qualified personal trainer is by far the best option but if that’s not possible, spending time researching books and videos on U tube is well worth doing, or picking the brains of one of the fitness instructors down at the gym for some pointers can go along way to help getting that home workout up and running again and quite literally, because maybe your only stashed away piece of fitness equipment is a pair of trainers and there’s nothing easier, cheaper or more effective to weight loss or cardiovascular conditioning than going out for a run.

– This Article has been published in the November edition of Life Magazine –