Commitment v Motivation

If your initial flurry of New Years motivation to get fit, loose weight, get healthier etc, is starting to wane, then maybe its time for a re-think.
The fact is we don’t always feel motivated to exercise, it’s a transient notion affected by so many variables like your current energy levels, the weather, work schedules or even a better offer. Therefore relying on your motivation to get a task done, such as going for a run, can become a very unstable state of affairs indeed.
Instead we have to dig deep into our ‘commitment to the cause’.

It’s like anything in life we have to do because we’ve made a commitment, when sometimes we don’t necessarily ‘want’ to do what it takes – but we gotta! We’re in!
Getting up for work, school runs, nappy changes, walking the dog and even cleaning our teeth… are all examples of things we’re committed to doing to keep a situation going or maintain the health and welfare of ourselves and others. If we look at our fitness with the same mentality and become ‘committed’ to it, our bodies will thank us, ultimately with better vitality, long term health rewards and maybe a nicer looking physique in the process too, if thats what you want.

So next time you’re struggling to get out the door to go to your circuits class, or you’re sat thinking of a million excuses to tell your running buddy why you have to cancel todays session, remind yourself that it’s just that pesky de-motivation demon trying to trash talk you away from maintaining your wellbeing and instead turn your attention to the angel of commitment and value the importance of exercise, especially if you have a sedentary occupation, it really is essential to move your body.
Rarely a week goes by without one of my clients declaring how they didn’t feel like working out but were so glad they did because afterwards they felt great!

– This article has been published in the March edition of Life Magazines –