All about face – wearing makeup at the gym!

We know instinctively that wearing makeup while working out isn’t the right thing to do and that having a bare face is best; but how many of us, already rushing to fit the gym in after work, really take the extra time to remove the days maquillage before sweating it out in boxercise?! I’m sure I won’t be the only one to confess that, unless I’d worked out first thing in the morning before the application of foundation et al, I was unlikely to cleanse my makeup off again if I went to train straight from work.

When we exercise with our face au naturel, the pores open as we begin to sweat and the perspiration sweeps away excess sebum and toxins, leaving it fresh and revitalised. It stands to reason then that if this process is hampered by a veneer of contouring cream – the natural cleansing is less effective and the makeup products can lead to clogging, causing spots and blemishes.

For those of us who still want a bit of rouge while on the rower, here’s a few practical tips on the best gym makeup options whilst still allowing our skin to breathe. Keep it simple and light with just a BB cream or a little concealer and if you’ve arrived at the gym wearing foundation from work, keep a pack of remover wipes in your kit to take off the foundation, preserving your eyebrows & mascara so at least your complexion is clear. To add a pop of colour, a cheek & lip balm will do the trick nicely and it nearly goes without saying that waterproof mascara is always the better choice to avoid the ridiculous sight of panda eyes and the sting of both sweat & kohl mixing together as they drip into your eyes – ouch!!
Finally rinse the face with cold water straight after your workout to close pores and make sure you double cleanse before bed. Et Voila!

– This article has been published in the August edition of Life Magazines –