November 2022

It’s all in the detail

Recently, while out on a walk, I came across one of my class clients, as we stood chatting away about various things, she casually slipped into the conversation that I had a reputation for, as she put it, being ‘particular’. I wondered for a moment what her true sentiment might be, as it could have gone either way, yet as she elaborated it became clear my client was referring to my style of teaching Pilates and in-fact meant it as compliment.

Knowing that I am a bit of a stickler for correct technique, gave her & others, the confidence in class that they were doing the exercises safely first 7 foremost, and also that the exercises would ultimately be more effective when done right and that my attention to detail was indeed appropriate. Phew!


Having experienced many different forms of exercise, it’s fair to say there are different attitudes that might go along with each of them at the time of execution. For example, when someone is running a marathon, participating in a triathlon or a football team playing a match, supporters will yell words of praise & encouragement to motivate their team. Or imagine a tennis coach signalling tactical manoeuvres with subtle gestures to their player.

There are countless other scenarios where different types of communication is needed to get the desired outcome. Yet in each and every one of these scenarios, there will have been a time of training and preparation where the details about technique have been discussed & practised many, many times.


So when it comes to your own training in whatever discipline you do, having someone to suggest a slight change here or a slight shift there, can make all the difference to your practice, performance & / or progress.

A good coach, trainer or teacher will constantly be looking for ways to enhance, improve & challenge the way their client works or to correct them to avoid injury.

The details make all the difference.


– This article has been published in the November edition of Life Magazines –