Short Circuit

New Years salutations!

Is it time to switch up your training routine – or maybe even start one?
Then Circuit Training might be the one for you in 2019…

It’s not the latest trend nor a new idea, infact circuit training was developed in 1953 by R E Morgan & G T Anderson at Leeds University but it has remained popular over the years because the concept is simple and it works!
The basic formula is to work through 9-12 stations with different exercises performed at each one within a set amount of time e.g. minutes or seconds. It will challenge both your cardiovascular fitness and muscular endurance, burning fat and toning muscles.
Among the many positive aspects of this training system, it allows participants to work at their own intensity levels, making it great for group workouts and therefore a sociable training method, which can help people stay motivated and committed and more likely to achieve their wellbeing ambitions.

Studies have proven the effectiveness of circuit training with Morgan & Anderson claiming it to be one of the most time efficient ways to achieve fitness goals and maintain them longer than other forms of exercise or diet – this is a huge claim and one that I whole heartedly agree with and not just because circuits takes you through a range of aerobic and anaerobic energy systems in one session; but also because the exercise combination possibilities are endless. Couple that with the short time frames for each station and things are constantly kept fresh and manageable. Which is great for exercisers who get bored easily and need to be engaged and stimulated mentally and continually challenged physically. Add the flurry of endorphins whizzing around the body from the aerobic elements and you have a great combination for a fun and ultimately very effective workout.

Bodyworkpt presents ‘Body Booom’ – a full body circuit class for both men and women on Fridays mornings in Southwell. Check website for further details.

– This article has been published in the January edition of Life Magazines –