Love Exercise!

This title may be far from your truth but it’s meant as a motivational statement more than a literal one – a notion to aspire to ‘love the exercise you personally do!’

As human beings we are all designed to move. We are not mean’t to be sedentary but alas we are becoming more and more inert, in a time where computers, cars and labour saving inventions take away the need to use our bodies, we perform fewer and fewer tasks manually and many occupations require us to do little more than look at an LCD screen.
As amazing as technology is, nothing has changed our innate biology and the need to move physically, so while we may not be getting much exercise from our jobs, it’s important to find activities to maintain our health and wellbeing in our time of recreation.

Good news for people who find it easy and enjoyable to be active, who are naturally motivated to exercise and feel out of sorts if they don’t. Not so good news for the many others who lack the desire to go and be active after a days work. The idea that the only choices of exercise is the gym or running, is enough to discourage most people. This is where a bit of lateral thinking is needed to come up with an activity that is of genuine interest or excitement, as this is the surest way to stay committed and to reap the rewards of being physically fit and healthy.

You’ve gotta Love your exercise activity to ensure you stick at it and it becomes part of your lifestyle, so spending time trying different things until you find the ‘one’ is a must. It may take several months, even years, but like finding any true love, it’s worth the effort and who know’s – something like Belly dancing might ignite a passion for movement you never knew you had and a dimension to your life you couldn’t live without.

– This article has been published in the August edition of Life Magazines –