It always sucks at the start…

…of an exercise plan!

The pain, the poor fitness level, the self consciousness!
Whether you’ve been in the midst of a prolonged hiatus or never exercised at all, the truth is beginning a new exercise routine can be uncomfortable.

First of all your body is going to be ‘shocked’ by the new demands being put on it and the initial ‘DOMS’ [delayed onset of muscle soreness] particularly after a resistance based workout, can sometimes be so sore it’s almost debilitating. It’s fair to expect some element of muscle soreness when you exercise, especially at the beginning, but if you worked out too hard too soon, this soreness can be very off-putting – so build things up gradually in terms of weight, repetitions and frequency and always stretch out afterwards.

Having poor cardiovascular fitness is an important reason to start exercising, so never give yourself the excuse that you need to “get fitter” before joining a class or sports club, or guaranteed it will never happen. Join the class or the sports club anyway regardless of your fitness level, if it’s a decent outfit there will be different options you can do ‘to’ develop your fitness from where you’re at and as time goes by, with continuous commitment and participation, your body ‘will’ adapt and you’ll reap the rewards of improved health and wellbeing.

As for feeling self conscious – maybe your gym kit is much tighter than when you last put it on, or you can’t do what the instructor seems to do with ease; and that 30 minute ‘run’ you spent all day psyching yourself up for actually only lasted 5 minutes – so yeah, it does kinda suck to start with – but it won’t stay there. Just prepare yourself for the awkward beginning and know that things will change, because our body is an amazing creation designed to adapt & change to whatever is being required of it and that part is awesome!

– This article has been published in the September edition of Life Magazines –