June 2023

Whats your fitness cocktail?

A cocktail drink is described as ‘a mixture of often diverse elements or ingredients”
– according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.
If we liken our personal fitness to that of a cocktail, we need to mix together the ‘five main health related components of fitness’ (listed below) with activities we enjoy in order to come up with our own unique formula.

Body composition, Flexibility, Muscular strength, Muscular endurance and Cardiorespiratory endurance are all to be incorporated into your weekly fitness schedule.
So what does that actually look like?
We must also consider elements such as our age and what our body may be enduring i.e. pregnancy / injury / illness and the amount of time & resources we have available.

There are so many options & choices and personal requirements to consider, so in preferring not to be prescriptive here, I’ve added a couple of weekly schedule examples just for inspirational purposes.

Example 1: female, age 35, 10 months post c-section –
Monday – Running Club (cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance & body composition)
Tuesday – Strength training at home with free weights (Muscular strength)
Wednesday – Active Rest day – Home chores (body composition)
Thursday – Pilates Class (core muscular strength & Flexibility)
Friday – BuggyFit with baby in pushchair (cardiorespiratory, muscular strength & endurance)
Saturday & Sunday – active rest with family (body composition)

Example 2: male, 72, managing previous herniated disc injury –
Monday – Golf – 18 holes (cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance & body composition)
Tuesday – Pilates Class (core muscular strength & flexibility)
Wednesday – Swimming (cardiorespiratory & muscular endurance)
Thursday – Golf – 18 holes (cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance & body composition)
Friday – Pilates Class (core muscular strength & flexibility)
Saturday & Sunday – Active rest gardening & walking with family (cardiorespiratory, muscular endurance & body composition).

Very different schedules yet both incorporate all five health related fitness components.

We must continually be altering & reinventing our schedules with different types of activity, intensities and duration, being our own mixologist as we move through the changes of our lives.

So whats your fitness cocktail right now?

– This article has been published in the June edition of Life Magazines – http://www.lifemagazines.co.uk